3PL Fulfillment & Distribution

Instant logistics expertise that drives cost savings

We provide integrated operations, warehousing, transportation and value-added warehouse services. Our four WMS and RF based distribution centers, unified end-to-end ERP system, established retail and ecommerce relationships and highly-experienced professionals mean your product gets to where it needs to be reliably, efficiently and on time.

Warehousing Distribution and Fulfillment

Our distribution centers are integrated with customized warehouse management systems (WMS), radio frequency (RF) handheld scanning, and labor management systems (LMS) which allow us to manage all warehouse operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Receipt and Put-Away

Our WMS data collection and RF scanning controls item, quantity and case pack accuracy on all inbound receipts and manages directed put-away and lot or serial number controls.   Cubiscan technology captures all item dimensions and weight.

Automated Replenishment

Forward picking locations are replenished automatically based on set min / max inventory levels.

Order Processing

Our customer tailored WMS scripts will process orders individually, in groups (waves) or truck loads by account.  RF scanning captures all data on the items picked.  Picking is managed at the each, inner, case, or pallet level. Our system captures lot and serial numbers through the picking process when needed.  We have same day ship capabilities for direct-to-consumer business.

Retail Labeling and Compliance Management

Customer compliant labeling is performed on all carton and pallet shipments including UCC 128 labeling. Customized retail and D2C packing slips are available by customer. Our proprietary Quality Control scripts ensure customer specific compliance scans are followed before orders are cleared to ship.

Freight and Logistics Management

We manage the freight and logistics for your customers whether FTL, LTL, or Parcel, all with real-time tracking.  Advance Shipping Notices (ASN’s) and SSSC labels are provided for all customers that require it.  Our sizable freight volume provides you with competitive freight rates.

Inventory Control

Radio Frequency (RF) scanning together with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) for receiving, order processing, lot controls and cycle counts, ensure inventory accuracy of 99.5%. We manage lot track and trace, and serial number control.

Project Services

Our operations includes project services such as kitting and subassembly, repacking, display builds, re-boxing, heat shrink wrapping, product inspection, light manufacturing, ticketing, direct-to-consumer personalization, and others.

M. Block & Sons delivers proven excellence in 3PL

Scalable, reliable and cost-efficient single-source supply chain management into every channel.

The advantages of outsourced, end-to-end supply chain management start with hard cost savings: warehouse facilities, WMS and LM systems, material handling equipment, and a knowledgeable operations staff who have already seen it a thousand times before.

And then there are second level costs associated with efficiency, economies of scale, inventory control and accuracy. Our large client base, quality control scripts and defensive programming insure that your product moves through our facilities and out to your customers in the most compliant and cost effective manner possible.

4 distribution centers,
2 million square feet

Our four warehouses and highly-trained, experienced teams execute a massive number of transactions annually with an inventory accuracy rate of 99.5%.

  • 8,000 inbound shipments
  • 700,000 orders processed
  • 20 million cartons picked
  • 30,000 retail doors shipped
  • 500,000 e-commerce parcels delivered
  • 24,000 outbound trucks dispatched

Flexible, scalable 3PL solutions that boost your bottom line

Fixed Cost

Choose our hybrid 3PL + Distribution Support Services model, and manage your business and your budget with fixed costs. No hidden fees, monthly inventory charges or complex calculations.

Speed to Market

Our extensive customer base, strong relationships and unique “one-source” approach gets your product to market faster, reducing inventory investment and lead times.

Scalable, Flexible

Through the use of flexible staffing, an on-site engineering team, and proprietary productivity management systems, our operations scale quickly to the peaks and valleys of retail seasons, changing shipping patterns, and the challenges of the explosive growth of ecommerce.

Omni Channel

All your inventory in one place at one time to service all accounts in all channels saves on ownership costs, and increases turnover. Use the same inventory to serve all your customers: national accounts, independents, ecommerce, third party marketplaces, and Direct-to-Consumer.


We manage your compliance at all points along the supply chain. Our longstanding retail and ecommerce relationships ensure compliance with all EDI, purchase order management, distribution order processing, labeling, transportation, ASN, and invoicing. Our proprietary end-of-line quality control scripts – written for every customer – insure that your orders are delivered accurate and fully compliant.

Value added retail and D2C ecommerce services

Manage your value added services within the same supply chain as your finished goods: kitting and subassembly, re-boxing, display builds, heat shrink wrapping, product inspection, light manufacturing, and ticketing.

Your end consumers expect the same quality branded experience of an in-store purchase even when they shop online. Our value-added D2C services, including customized packaging and gift wrap, marketing inserts, bundling, kitting and unboxing cards. Make every purchase feel special so you can increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

Unmatched experience, expertise, advice and support

With M. Block, you get much more than a distribution vendor. You get a true partner who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice that can help you grow your business and achieve critical objectives.

Our longstanding relationships in every channel can open doors and get you into more markets, seamlessly. And our team’s experience and expertise – along with our extensive suite of retail support services – means consulting and advice is part of the package, the kind of insights that add value to the partnership and to your business. The bottom line is that we help you grow your bottom line.