If you are a manufacturer now tasked with managing your product’s trajectory on Amazon Seller Central, you’ve no doubt grappled with the notion of branding vs. price-based product marketing. Building a brand takes patience, discipline and investment, but for a unique product in a fertile category, carving out a defined, value-add brand has a big upside. Today I’m going to topline the most important success pillars for building your brand on Amazon.

Clarity by Design

Amazon is the most crowded and cluttered store on the planet, so you need to establish your unique place with design and messaging clarity. Don’t think of design as something that just makes graphics folks feel good. It can be a fundamental launching pad for your brand’s future. This was stated eloquently by Steve Jobs: “Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.” We don’t know why Jobs named his computers after a fruit, but this quote of his about design might provide a clue:

“We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them”

– Steve Jobs

Your Brand’s Uniqueness

With over 12 million different products on Amazon, you have to stand out to stand a chance. Many products have multiple benefits, so the first step is incredible clarity and focus on who your customer is and what unique value your product provides. I’m going to use HEXCLAD – one of our successful partner brands as an example. The brand name and logo (shape and texture) offer a simple explanation of the product’s uniqueness.

What is unique?

“HEX” stands for the patented 6-sided “peak-and-valley” cooking panels that make the surface non-stick. “CLAD” describes the hybrid pan that uses layers of stainless steel and aluminum to enable the pan to work on traditional stovetops and magnetic induction tops. The brand name and logo bring it all together brilliantly – even adding the line “HYBRID COOKWARE” with the letters “H” and “C” link the brand name to the proprietary benefit.

Understanding how to bring your product to the shoppers’ attention while they are searching in your brand’s category or among your competitors’ offerings is the key. It’s essential to know how to build a better product page with Enhanced Content, and how to funnel new customers to your product with winning advertising strategies and techniques. Here’s a checklist:

  • Attractive Imagery
  • Multiple Intuitive Images
  • Informative & Concise Titles
  • Well Defined Descriptive Bullets
  • Well Defined Descriptions
  • SEO Optimized Content
  • Detailed Sales Analysis
  • Detailed Advertising Analysis

Your product listing is the home of your brand. Building the listing is step one. Owning the listing is even more important. That’s how Brand Registry can help protect your listings – it allows only the brand manager to change and optimize them at any time. Otherwise, anyone can change your listings. There are two phases that must be filled with high quality imagery and highly focused messaging. (Note: You will have to have your brand trademarked for Phase 2.)

Phase 1: Standard Optimized Listing
  • Title / Bullets / Paragraph Text Description
  • High Quality Photography
  • 1 Main Image
  • Up to 7 Informative Images
  • Subscribe & Save Ready
  • Sponsored Product Ad Ready
  • SEO Friendly & Optimized
Phase 2: Enhanced Brand Listing
  • Title / Bullets
  • Enhanced Description / Images / Brand Story
  • Video on Main Page
  • High Quality Photography
  • 1 Main Image & Up to 7 Informative Images
  • Subscribe & Save Ready
  • Sponsored Product & Header Banner Ad Ready
  • SEO Friendly & Optimized
  • Early Reviewer Program

An example of a Standard Listing

Some examples of Enhanced Brand Content

Treat Your Customers Like Royalty

The most important metric for your brand’s value on Amazon is not hidden away in a brand health document created by a consulting firm. It’s right there in plain site, every moment of every day – a living, breathing affirmation (or not) of how your branded products are delivering on expectations in customers’ lives.

Some 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Product reviews guide nearly every Amazon purchase decision, and your reviews stick with your brand. So even if you spent a million dollars on your logo, package design and ad campaign, a less-than-excellent performance in your customers lives will put your brand at risk. It’s necessary to maintain relentless focus on servicing your customer’s needs and desires.

Create Branding Support Outside Amazon

Now that your customer has found your awesome branding on Amazon, they are ready to put your product in their cart and check out. But 79% don’t tap “buy now.”

One reason is: before they pull the trigger, they want to check around the web for additional information and affirmation. Best brand practice is to have a thriving e-commerce site where you own all of the real estate, and can allow shoppers to do a deep dive into your brand and product lines with rich photography, videos and testimonials.

Often, your ecommerce site can thrive and capture higher margin sales, without harming your Amazon sales. Different shoppers have different preferences for how and where they shop. Here’s the HEXCLAD e-commerce site, including a high-quality brand video featuring the CEO demonstrating the brand’s uniqueness.

You should also surround your Amazon store with immersive and engaging brand content on social media to enhance trust, personalization and conviction for your brand on Amazon. Use social media to promote Amazon and direct the traffic from posts directly to your Amazon store. Always make certain to control your marketplaces, because what seems like a big sale to a brick-and-mortar store today could end up being a rogue seller on Amazon tomorrow. Then you will be essentially competing against yourself.

The Ultimate Value of Branding

Most people will choose a brand they trust over a lower priced item from a brand they don’t know or don’t trust. So a strong brand will support higher margins. Shoppers value quality, trust, credibility and a great experience, and they are more choosey than ever about where they invest their dollars.

Once your brand is established, stay dynamic. Keep the merchandising fresh and up to date. Change images. Add new images. Use videos. Consumers like a “new” feeling. Give them something new so they don’t get bored.

Establishing and maintaining a strong brand is vital to your success on Amazon Seller Central.