Third-party marketplaces are now an essential part of every manufacturer’s retail strategy, with Amazon being an essential ecommerce channel unto itself. To tackle these challenges, first and foremost, you need an Amazon specialist, helping you navigate the complexities and requirements of this dynamic marketplace.

According to Logistics Management Magazine, “The rapid growth of e-commerce is driving deep changes in logistics. To respond, logistics managers now need to think in terms of systems that they can leverage today to make processes more efficient, while also keeping an eye on longer-term developments that will reshape tomorrow’s possibilities.”

Whether selling direct to Amazon on Vendor Central, or using a retail storefront on Seller Central, you’re 3PL provider has to have experience and expertise.

Key capabilities a 3PL Supplier must possess:

Every direct-to-consumer purchaser must feel special, helping you increase sales and improve customer loyalty. Your end consumers expect the same quality branded shopping experience online that they get in-store. Look for a full assortment of value-added services to help you delight your customers and elevate your brand.

Look for things like:

  • Personalization; gift wrapping, insertions
  • Welcome and unboxing cards
  • Custom-branded cartons
  • Re-mailer cartons
  • Custom packing lists
  • Kitting, bagging, labeling
Create a direct relationship with your D2C end user

Maintaining a direct relationship with your customer is becoming critically important.

Inbound Logistics adds the supporting data: “As e-commerce continues to make inroads across industry sectors, it’s disrupting numerous business models. That includes those of manufacturers who’ve traditionally been several steps removed from end consumers—the ones most known for shopping online. In 2015, e-commerce shipments accounted for 63 percent of the value of manufacturers’ overall shipments, up from 48 percent in 2010, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.”

An integrated Direct-to-Consumer model allows you to build a branded relationship with your customers. Insights gained from direct sales efforts help improve the customer experience which lead to the development of tailored, personalized shopping experiences and build lifetime customer value.

Omnichannel E-commerce Capabilities

As part of an omnichannel approach, your 3PL must seamlessly manage your retail ecommerce business. For example, M. Block’s sophisticated software engines interface with third-party shopping carts like Magento and Shopify, capturing orders on the front end, processing them through our 3PL warehousing and fulfillment, and delivering your product direct to customers’ doors.

The new pace of commerce and the drive for greater efficiency makes sophisticated e-commerce capabilities essential for your 3PL partner.