“Amazon Vendor Central Stops Issuing Purchase Orders”

This headline has changed today’s Amazon universe and your selling strategy – probably forever. The lack of warning or explanation about Amazon’s move to cut out Vendor Central accounts below a certain revenue threshold presents a big challenge. Now more than ever, you must be able to react at the new pace of commerce.

Vendor Central was developed for brands to wholesale their product to Amazon and then Amazon took on the task of listing, pricing, and selling the item on their marketplace. By migrating those newly purchase order-less 1P vendors into 3P sellers, Amazon is forcing vendors to take a more active role in their business on Amazon – which includes maintaining product listing and using either in-house, Fulfilled by Amazon or another means for distribution and fulfillment. That means the faster your brand can adapt, the less difficult the process is going to be.

With Vendor Central, the only products sold on Amazon are the ones Amazon wants to sell, which usually forces much of your line to be sold on other platforms with less traffic. An opportunity that arises with having a Seller Central account, is a manufacturer now has the opportunity to list as many or as few products as desired or manageable.

Consider your capabilities, if your products are already on the marketplace or sold by other vendors, then listing them might not be a huge task. It gets harder if your product isn’t already listed or is represented poorly. Your team will have to curate accurate product descriptions, gather policy pleasing product images, and devise strategic category placements. If your product needs special permissions like haz-mat or expiration dates, then your day just got pretty full. As mentioned, your options for these newly added tasks to your business can be done in-house or by a company that specializes in Amazon “bring to market” services.

“Over half of product searches begin on Amazon,” says Jeff Lenz, M. Block Amazon leader, “If you want your product to stand out among those searches…it really does require an expert to have good results right out of the gate.”

When searching for outside help, it is possible to find expert “Amazon Consultant” services out there, but with M. Block, expert consultation is just the beginning. Instead of a manufacturer bringing on a large staff to plan and maintain the many parts that go into selling on Amazon, simply use our team of experts to develop a hybrid approach providing a complete range of 3P services; Amazon marketing & pricing strategies + branding and advertising strategy + inventory management + warehousing and shipping + tracking reviews + SEO + proprietary sales analytics tools.

Our services are backed by hundreds of Amazon success stories from an array of blue chip clients, from start-ups to Fortune 50 leaders. Here are some of those services which will help you avoid the multiple costly and time-consuming steps needed to get your products selling on Seller Central.

  • Seller Central (3P) Seller Consulting and Support
  • Account Monitoring & Analytics
  • Marketplace Strategy & Optimization
  • Pricing Strategies & Management
  • Enhanced Brand Content & Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Inventory Planning, Purchasing, & Management
  • Product Assortment Strategy & Planning
  • Amazon Advertising Campaigns
  • Seller Landscape Monitoring & Seller Removal
  • Proprietary Sales & Advertising Reporting

Seize the Upside: Move to Omnichannel Distribution

While this forecast-changing event was out of your hands, why not use the situation to take control of your entire channel strategy and execution. You can optimize your Amazon results AND streamline your selling strategy in all venues with an Omnichannel approach.

Once you have your Amazon business flourishing again, learn how one centralized inventory with M. Block can serve all your channels – from one to many, faster and easier. M. Block’s Omnichannel capabilities include:

  • Account Management on other key 3rd party Ecommerce marketplaces such as Wayfair, Houzz, ebay, Walmart.com/Jet and Overstock.com
  • Traditional brick & mortar retailers with a current customer list that include Walmart/Sam’s Club, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods, Home Depot, CVS, Walgreens, Staples, Macy’s, Kohls and Best Buy

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