Go To Market Strategy

Swim in more channels, quickly and seamlessly

Understanding the nuances of every retail and online channel and their complicated requirements, demands a knowledge and expertise that can be difficult, if not impossible, to hire, while also being incredibly cost prohibitive.

Whether you’re a start-up or early stage company lacking a good distribution infrastructure, or a Fortune 500 looking to reach new channels and new markets, our expertise and deep, longstanding relationships in every channel help you reach your goals. M. Block has the flexibility and experience to craft and implement the go-to-market strategy you need.

We cover every retail channel

Let our extensive retail reach and connectivity build your sales fast.

We’re actively selling into every channel – from national and regional accounts to independents, ecommerce, and internet third party marketplaces. Our innovative B2B web platform can help market and sell your product in more difficult to reach channels. Our Amazon team will help you better understand this complex marketplace. We manage Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment from all online channels; including your own.

Value-added services that go
beyond third party logistics

We can manage every step of the process and become a true partner in getting your product to market with a competitive advantage.

Our go-to-market strategy goes well beyond “boxes-in, boxes-out”. M. Block & Sons provides a full suite of value added services not found in other 3PL’s. Our holistic approach offers comprehensive “Order-to-Cash” and retail support services to help run your business. By managing the retail Vendor of Record and EDI, we remove you from the costly investment and complexity around retail order management, compliance, accounts receivables and customer deductions.

One Centralized Inventory
Serves All Your Channels

From one to many faster and easier

Traditional Brick & Mortar Retail

National Accounts, Department Stores, Discount Stores (Mass Merchants), Clubs, Big Box Stores, Specialty Stores, Off Price Stores, Grocery, Drug Stores, Military, Independents.

Ecommerce Sites for Brick & Mortar Retail

Ship to the retailer’s warehouse or fulfill directly to consumers.

Ecommerce Sites for the Manufacturer

Custom designed B2B wholesale sites for manufacturers who want to make it easy on their vendors to keep product in stock.

Ecommerce Sites for Third Party Marketplaces


  • Vendor Central Direct Sell to Amazon
  • Seller Central Third-Party Retailer


Ecommerce Sites for Stand-Alone e-tailers

Ship to e-tail warehouse or D2C on their behalf.

Other Channels

Commercial / Industrial
Samples / Public Relations Press Kits