Our Platform

A unique hybrid of 3PL + value-add distribution services that drive success

Our powerful combination of logistics and distribution expertise, and order-to-cash services lets you focus on what you do best: developing and producing great products.

M. Block & Sons starts with traditional warehousing and distribution which is core to all Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers, but then overlays an integrated suite of additional value added Support Services, which provide manufacturers with a complete turn-key solution for moving their product from factory to retail shelf or Direct-to-Consumer.

M. Block & Sons’ state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure ties together both Third Party Logistics and value added Support Services, to provide a seamless integrated platform, unique in the distribution supply-chain industry.

Value-add order to cash/vendor of record services, sales, marketing and more

We start with Third Party Logistics and give you much more. It is M. Block & Sons’ value-add financial and distribution support services that set us apart from typical warehousing, logistics and distribution companies:

Order to Cash/VoR
With M. Block holding Vendor of Record (VoR) with the customer, you leverage our extensive list of retail relationships and EDI connections.  We handle all order management, compliance and accounts receivables.  You get paid 45 days from shipment. Every shipment.
Order Management
It can be overwhelming processing retail orders, whether EDI, manual or interfacing through third party shopping carts like Magento or Shopify.  Managing dates, inventory needs, pricing, purchasing/sales terms, credit lines, transportation/logistics, commissions, and advertising and accruals, requires sophisticated systems and professional personnel. Our order management specialists, along with our powerful ERP system, efficiently manage the order process.
Sales and Marketing
We can establish your sales relationships and provide sales support, category management and forecasting for traditional as well as internet retail.  We help guide your market strategies across all retail channels.  Our Internet team will help optimize your success on Amazon and other third party marketplaces.   M. Block’s innovative B2B web platform will help sell and market your brand in more difficult to reach channels.
Customer Service
Our customer service team supports your retail and ecommerce business by overseeing order management and account inquiries, including product offerings, inventory levels, order status, pricing, and more.
Compliance Management
Compliance charges can turn a profitable business unprofitable overnight. We provide comprehensive and proactive retail compliance management at all points along the supply chain including: EDI, order management, warehouse order processing, labeling requirements, transportation, ASN’s and invoicing. You’ll be compliant on day one.
Finance, Receivables, and Risk Management
We are the only supply chain provider that can manage both your 3PL requirements as well as all financial aspects of your retail transactions, including establishing credit, managing accounts receivable (AR), handling deductions, credit cards and reversing chargebacks.  Our AR management provides protection against bankruptcies and bad debt expense.
Whether you’re selling a new product, a new channel, or just pushing to the next level, let our team help you navigate the uncertainties and complexities in the retail and ecommerce world.   We understand industry best practices and how best to avoid the minefields.  Whether it’s helping guide channel strategy and enforce MAP pricing or helping you better understand your customer’s margin, advertising, freight and compliance requirements, we know what you need to know to be successful.
Vendor Support
Our vendors are our partners.  We help execute their strategies. To support that, a dedicated program manager is assigned to each manufacturer, providing a single point of contact to help with inventory replenishment, reporting, price and account management, accruals, reconciliation, special projects and more.

End-to-End 3PL expertise that ensures superior fulfillment

Our four WMS and RF based distribution centers, unified end-to-end ERP system, established retail and ecommerce relationships and highly-experienced professionals mean your product gets to where it needs to be reliably, efficiently and on time.

Warehousing Distribution and Fulfillment
Our distribution centers are integrated with customized warehouse management systems (WMS), radio frequency (RF) handheld scanning, and labor management systems (LMS) which allow us to manage all warehouse operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.
Receipt and Put-Away
Our WMS data collection and RF scanning controls item, quantity and case pack accuracy on all inbound receipts and manages directed put-away as well as lot and serial number controls. Cubiscan technology captures all item dimensions including weight.
Automated Replenishment
Forward picking locations are replenished automatically based on set min / max inventory levels.
Order Processing
Our customer tailored WMS scripts will process orders individually, in groups (waves) or truck loads by account.  Picking is managed at the each, inner, case, or pallet level.  RF scanning captures all data on the items picked, including lot and serial numbers, and rolls this information up into UCC128 labels, BOL’s and shipping documents.  We have same day ship capabilities for Direct-to-Consumer orders.
Retail Labeling and Compliance Management
Customer compliant labeling is performed on all carton and pallet shipments including UCC 128 labeling.  We can provide customized packing slips by customer.  Our proprietary Quality Control scripts ensure detailed, account specific compliance before any order ships from our warehouse.
Freight and Logistics Management
We manage the freight and logistics for your customers whether FTL, LTL, or Parcel, all with real-time tracking.   Advance Shipping Notices (ASN’s) and SSSC labels are provided for all customers that require it.  Our volume provides you with competitive freight rates.
Inventory Control
Radio Frequency (RF) scanning coupled with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) for receiving, order processing, lot controls and cycle counts ensure inventory accuracy of 99.5%. We manage lot track and trace, and serial number control.
Project Services
As part of our single source approach to the needs of the manufacturer, we provide kitting and subassembly, re-boxing, display builds, heat shrink wrapping, product inspection, light manufacturing, ticketing, Direct-to-Consumer personalization, and other project services.

Critical 3PL technology infrastructure services

Our sophisticated ERP system integrates seamlessly with all Order-to-Cash, 3PL warehouse management system functions, and value added Support Services, at every point along the process – from inventory receipt to order processing to transportation to payment – creating efficiencies and savings for you.

Reporting and Visibility

You get timely access to inventory, order entry, and sales history with powerful, customized reporting tools that provide the business intelligence that informs strategy and decision making.